Bulla Gin

Label Design Idea and conceptual design for Bulla Gin. The Gin is a product from »Hotel Platz« which is based in South Tyrol. in cooperation with »pyxis«


Editorial Design The definition of the word backwards means usually the course of movement. But should you really determine that? Park / Go /  Drive /  Move / Run / Fall / Row / Grade / Jump / Step / Count backwards. Curved backwards, regression, bouncing backwards, revers turn, read backwards, revers direction, backspace, fail […]


Editorial Design The 20th anniversary issue of komma magazine is about the topic “blue”. Blue does somehow exist and it somehow doesn’t. Blue is reflexion, blue is energetic, blue is rare. But on the other hand blue is the colour of designers. Blue is everywhere and ubiquitous. We asked ourselves: Which parts of our surrounding […]


BRAND & STYLE BOOK Start-Up Concept / Brand Design / Product and Packaging / Marketing Treat yourself with OH! TREAT — Easy made adventure moments for your own home. Choose your favorite theme and order your surprise box on our app or website. Each box includes various TREATS packaged in a surprising modular concept for […]

»Dit is wat we delen«

Poster Design   Poster Competition 2016 »Frankfurter Buchmesse«  Nominated under the Top 10 in cooperation with Eva-Marie Uhl